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Best Champions to Boost in League of Legends: Dominating the 2024 Meta

In the competitive world of League of Legends, choosing the right champion to boost can significantly enhance a player's climb up the ranked ladder. The game's ever-evolving nature means that certain champions emerge as particularly effective with each patch. A well-chosen champion can leverage specific strengths to not only influence the tide of battle but also to carry teams toward victory.

When considering champions to boost, it's essential to consider the current meta, which dictates the effectiveness of a champion's abilities, playstyle, and role within a team. Champions that excel at crowd control, for example, can dominate team fights, while those with strong laning capabilities can secure early advantages that lead to a snowball effect throughout the game.

Performance consistency is another key factor in selecting the best champions to boost. Players often gravitate toward champions that maintain a solid win rate across various skill levels and competitive scenes. These champions tend to have balanced kits that are powerful but not easily countered, providing reliable options for players seeking to improve their rank.

Champion Roles and Their Impact

In League of Legends, each champion role possesses unique capabilities that can sway the course of a game. The following sections explain the impact of different roles and how they can be leveraged to secure a victory.

Carry Potential of Different Roles

Top Lane: Traditionally, top laners are tanky bruisers or split-pushers with substantial late-game impact. Champions like Fiora and Garen excel in one-on-one duels and can become nearly unstoppable if ahead.

Mid Lane: Mid lane champions often have high burst damage or strong crowd control abilities. Ahri and Zed, for example, can single-handedly alter team fights or pick off key targets to carry games.

ADC (Attack Damage Carry): ADC champions, such as Jinx and Ezreal, are critical for consistent ranged damage. Their success largely depends on positioning and scaling into the late game.

Support: Supports control the flow of bot lane and play a pivotal role in vision control and peeling for carries. Champions like Thresh and Lulu offer crowd control and protection for their team.

Jungle: Junglers influence all lanes through ganks and objective control. Champions like Lee Sin and Elise can create early-game advantages for their team.

Influence of Mid Laners

Mid laners occupy the central part of the map, granting them quick access to other lanes for ganks. Their influence is twofold:

  • Map Pressure: Their central location allows them to support both dragon and Baron fights and to roam to assist side lanes.
  • Burst Damage: Mid laners tend to pack high burst damage, which comes in handy for quickly eliminating priority targets in skirmishes and team fights.

Strategic Advantage of Junglers

Junglers have unique access to resources and paths that allow them to exert pressure across the whole map. They are crucial for:

  • Objective Control: Securing dragons, Rift Heralds, and Barons can tip scales in favor of their team.
  • Vision and Counter-Jungling: A skilled jungler knows how to limit the enemy jungler's impact by invading their territory and placing deep wards to track their movements.

Top Champions for Solo Boosting

Selecting the right champion is pivotal for players aiming to boost their rank in solo queue. Champions with a high impact on the game, particularly through solo play, often tilt the scales in favor of the summoner.

High Mobility Assassins

ChampionStrengthsZedExceptional outplay potential; excels at eliminating carries.LeBlancStrong laning phase; high burst and escape capabilities.FizzGreat engage and disengage; potential to snowball rapidly.

Champions like Zed, LeBlanc, and Fizz permit players to capitalize on high mobility and burst damage. Such attributes allow for aggressive plays, making them formidable in the hands of skilled summoners.

Self-Sufficient Top Laners

  • Fiora: She excels in 1v1 duels and has significant split-push potential.
  • Jax: With his scaling into a late-game powerhouse, he can change the course of a game.
  • Darius: Known for lane dominance and ability to carry through snowballing advantages.

Top laners that require less assistance are vital for climbing solo. Champions such as Fiora, Jax, and Darius can single-handedly control the top side of the map and sway the match in their favor.

Hypercarries in the Bot Lane

Kai'Sa and Vayne shine when considering hypercarries for a solo player to master. Both possess immense late-game scaling, offering the following:


  • Versatile itemization for adapting to different matchups.
  • Remarkable self-peel with her ultimate, Killer Instinct.


  • Invisibility with her ultimate, Final Hour, gives outplay potential.
  • True damage from Silver Bolts allows her to shred through tanks.

Understanding the Meta

The current meta in League of Legends is shaped significantly by the recent changes introduced in the latest patch, together with the prevailing champion picks, creating a landscape of strategic counter picks and beneficial matchups.

Current Patch Influences

The latest patch has notably buffed certain champions, while others have received nerfs. This directly affects which champions are considered strong. Typically, champions who have received buffs in their damage, durability, or utility become prime candidates for boosting. For instance, if a patch increases the base damage of a popular mid-laner, they may suddenly dominate the lane. Players looking to climb ranks should pay close attention to these adjustments.

A useful illustration is a table outlining champions with notable changes:

ChampionRoleChangeExpected ImpactATop LaneDamage BuffIncreased lane dominanceBJungleDurability NerfPossible decrease in pick rateCMid LaneUtility BuffEnhanced team fight presenceDSupportCooldown IncreaseReduced early game pressure

Counter Picks and Matchups

Understanding counter picks and matchups is crucial for leveraging the meta to one's advantage. It's about knowing which champions can effectively undermine the abilities of opponents. For instance, a champion with strong crowd control might be a strategic pick against highly mobile champions.

Effective counter picks:

  • Champion X is a tactical choice against Champion Y due to its crowd control abilities that limit Champion Y's mobility.
  • Champion Z's burst damage is particularly useful in overpowering Champion W's healing capabilities.

Key matchups to consider:

  • Tank vs. Bruiser: Tanks with crowd control may suppress the damage output of bruisers.
  • Assassin vs. Mage: An assassin's burst damage can exploit a mage's lack of durability.

Optimizing Champion Mastery

When boosting in League of Legends, choosing the right champion to master can be the difference between climbing and stagnating. Mastery comes with understanding a champion's learning curve and having the appropriate mechanical skill and game knowledge.

Learning Curve Relevance

A champion's learning curve is crucial to consider. Champions such as Annie and Garen are known for their simplicity, making them suitable candidates for players looking to improve their fundamentals without complicated mechanics.


  • Difficulty: Low
  • Role: Jungle
  • Reason: Straightforward abilities, which make for easier ganking and team fighting

Miss Fortune

  • Difficulty: Low
  • Role: AD Carry
  • Reason: Simple mechanics and impactful ultimate ability for team engagements

Mechanical Skill and Game Knowledge

Boosting mastery requires both mechanical skill and game knowledge. Champions like Zed and Yasuo demand precise execution but can be punishing if played incorrectly. Players must also understand their matchups and adapt to different game phases.

Lee Sin

  • Difficulty: High
  • Role: Jungle
  • Reason: Requires precise skillshots, in-depth jungle knowledge, and the ability to make split-second decisions


  • Difficulty: High
  • Role: Support
  • Reason: Advanced mechanics with his hook and lantern abilities, as well as the need for situational awareness to protect and engage

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