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Explore the Meticulous Process of Selecting Our Boosters at A Deep Dive into Quality Assurance

Selecting the right boosters is a crucial aspect of providing a high-quality service at The booster team is comprised of highly skilled, dedicated professional players who excel in their roles. Each applicant undergoes a stringent evaluation process, ensuring that they not only possess the in-game expertise required to boost rankings effectively but also demonstrate professionalism and discretion. This selection protocol ensures that customers receive the best possible experience while achieving their desired League of Legends rankings.

The recruitment process at involves several stages, from initial screening to rigorous skill assessments. Prospective boosters must first meet baseline criteria, including a documented history of high-tier gameplay. Upon passing the initial screening, candidates are tested for their strategic acumen, mechanical proficiency, and ability to adapt to varying game scenarios. This multifaceted approach ensures that only the most capable players join the booster team.

Furthermore, prioritizes the security and satisfaction of its clients. Therefore, every booster is expected to adhere to strict confidentiality guidelines. The integrity of each account is paramount, and the selection process is designed to filter out candidates who cannot commit to the company's high standards of conduct. This meticulousness protects the interests of the players and maintains the esteemed reputation of in the competitive gaming community.

Understanding the Basics of Boosting Services

Boosting services in the context of online gaming refer to the practice where a more skilled player helps another player in advancing their rank or achieving certain milestones within a game. offers such services for players looking to improve their standing in League of Legends, a competitive online game.

Eligibility Criteria: Players who seek these services are typically:

  • Looking to improve their ranked status.
  • Struggling to progress due to challenging matchups.
  • Interested in learning from high-ranked players.

The process involves a booster playing alongside or on behalf of the customer to reach the desired rank or achievement.

Process Overview:

  1. Selection: Clients choose a service package fitting their specific needs.
  2. Matching: matches the client with a suitable booster.
  3. Advancement: The booster then plays in the client’s account, aiming to achieve the specified goal.

It is important to note that the integrity of the game is a priority, and hence most services ensure confidentiality and compliance with the game's terms of service. Boosters are usually vetted based on the following characteristics:

  • Game proficiency and rank
  • Previous boosting experience
  • Professionalism and reliability

The metrics for selecting boosters at underscore their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, thereby striving for an effective and efficient boosting experience.

Criteria for Booster Selection

At, the selection of boosters is governed by a stringent set of criteria to ensure high-quality service. The process is transparent and meticulous, focusing on both the gaming prowess and professional demeanor of the candidates.

Player Rank: Minimum Requirement: All booster applicants must have achieved a rank of Master or higher in the current or previous season.

Gameplay Assessment: Candidates are rigorously evaluated for their skill level, game knowledge, and strategic acumen. In-game performance metrics also play a crucial role.

Skill AspectDescriptionMechanical SkillPrecision and speed in gameplay.Strategic InsightGame plan development and execution.Champion MasteryProficient with multiple champions.

Behavioral Screening: Boosters must exhibit exemplary behavior.

  • Communication Skills: Clear and respectful interaction is essential.
  • Maturity: Demonstrated accountability and emotional control.
  • Professionalism: Consistent and reliable in meeting client expectations.

Security Verification: Rigorous checks to assure account safety.

  • Identity Verification: To prevent fraud and protect client privacy.
  • Confidentiality Agreement: Adherence to strict non-disclosure policies.

Trial Period: Selected boosters undergo a monitored trial to evaluate real-world performance and client feedback.

Through this thorough selection process, maintains its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Each booster reflects the company's reputation for excellence and trustworthiness in the competitive scene.

The Recruitment Process

To ensure provides premiere boosting services, candidates undergo a meticulous selection process. It consists of several stages designed to assess both technical skills and behavioral attributes.

Initially, aspirants must satisfy basic criteria:

  • Minimum rank of Challenger
  • Proficiency in English
  • Acceptable online behavior

Qualified applicants then proceed to test their League of Legends prowess through a series of matches monitored by our evaluators. Performance metrics measured include:

  • Win rate
  • Consistency
  • Ability to play multiple roles

Subsequent to this practical assessment, candidates are interviewed to gauge their communication and problem-solving abilities. Key traits assessed include:

  • Professionalism
  • Adaptability
  • Teamwork

Finalists who pass the interviews are temporarily enrolled in a rigorous probation period. Here, they participate in jobs under close supervision while adhering to strict quality standards:

Probationary TaskFocus AreaTest boosting jobsService QualityMock client interactionCustomer Service AptitudePeer review participationConstructive Feedback

Consistently high performance during probation secures the candidate’s position as a booster. Continuous professional development and periodic evaluation ensure boosters maintain exceptional service standards at all times.

Booster Training Program is committed to finely honing the skills of their boosters through a comprehensive training program. Each candidate undergoes rigorous evaluation before entering the active roster. The training curriculum is crafted to refine both in-game mechanics and customer service proficiency.

Initial Assessment:

  • Skill Level Verification: Candidates must exhibit a high rank, typically Diamond or above.
  • Psychometric Evaluation: They are tested for temperament and sportsmanship.

Curriculum Focus Areas:

  • Gameplay Excellence: Fostering advanced strategies and champion mastery.
  • Decision Making: Emphasis on macro gameplay and strategic calls.

Structured Learning Modules:

  1. Map Awareness & Control
  2. Objective Prioritization
  3. Champion-Specific Mechanics
  4. Advanced Teamfighting Techniques

Interactive Elements:

  • Simulated Sessions: Real-time practice games with performance reviews.
  • One-on-One Mentorship: Experienced boosters guide new recruits.

The program also reinforces exemplary customer service, instructing boosters on communication etiquettes and responsive interaction. Continuous Performance Evaluations ensure boosters remain at the peak of their abilities, with:

  • Weekly Challenges
  • Regularly Updated Meta Analyses
  • Peer Reviews

Successful completion of the training program signals a booster's readiness to represent, having developed both the technical prowess and professional demeanor necessary to excel.

Quality Assurance Measures

At, the selection of boosters undergoes a rigorous set of quality assurance measures to ensure only the most skilled and reliable players join the team.

Initial Screening: Potential boosters are first subjected to a comprehensive background check. This includes a verification of their in-game rank, historical performance metrics, and previous boosting experience, if any.

  • Rank Requirement: Boosters must be within the top-tier ranks (e.g., Master, Grandmaster, Challenger).
  • Performance Metrics: Win rate, KDA ratio, and consistency are closely examined.
  • Experience: Any prior boosting or coaching experiences are considered an asset.

Skill Testing: Following the screening process, candidates are put through a series of in-game tests designed to assess their tactical acumen and adaptation skills.

  1. Tactical Assessment: They must showcase superior game knowledge and decision-making abilities.
  2. Adaptation Test: Candidates demonstrate their ability to perform well with various champions and roles.

Behavioral Evaluation: does not tolerate toxicity. Candidates must exhibit a professional attitude and strong communication skills, which are evaluated through mock sessions with both team members and pretend clients.

CriteriaEvaluation MethodAttitudeMock interaction assessmentCommunication SkillsGame-related dialogue testsProfessionalismAdherence to preset scenarios

Performance Monitoring: Once onboard, boosters' game performances are continually monitored. Metrics include client feedback, completion time of boost objectives, and in-game behavior.

Regular Audits: Boosters are subject to unscheduled checks to ensure compliance with’s high standards. Failure to meet these standards results in immediate corrective action or dismissal from the team.

Community Involvement and Feedback

At, feedback is an indispensable part of selecting our booster team. They involve the community through surveys and forums to understand their expectations. These interactions provide insights on what qualities and skills are most sought after in boosters.

Surveys & Forums

  • Monthly surveys to gauge satisfaction levels
  • Active discussion boards for community suggestions

Continuous Improvement Their approach is data-driven. Satisfaction scores and comments are analyzed to refine their selection criteria. Boosters are subsequently matched with these evolving community standards.

Transparency They publish feedback summaries quarterly. This transparency helps in building trust and encourages more community interaction.

Results Feedback-driven improvements have led to a more proficient and customer-approved pool of boosters.

Continuous Improvement and Update Cycle recognizes that the landscape of gaming is ever-changing, which necessitates a dynamic approach to booster selection.

Quality Assessment: To ensure peak performance, boosters undergo a rigorous monthly review based on their game statistics and client feedback. A checklist is used to maintain objectivity:

  • Win ratio
  • Client satisfaction
  • Behavioral assessment

Training and Development: Boosters are expected to stay ahead of the curve, necessitating ongoing training. Focus areas include:

  1. Strategy optimization
  2. Patch-specific adjustments
  3. Communication skills

Performance Metrics: A transparent system tracks booster effectiveness, highlighting key metrics such as:

  • Completion time for milestones
  • Adherence to game meta changes
  • Lead and follow-up success rates

Feedback Integration: Customer feedback is not just collected but acted upon. Mechanisms in place:

  • Direct issue resolution
  • Adjustment of booster-client pairing algorithms
  • Enhancement of support protocols's philosophy is rooted in the belief that continuous improvement is not a one-time initiative but an integral part of the operational cycle. The company invests heavily in ensuring that their boosters remain at the top in terms of skill, professionalism, and adaptation to the evolving gaming environment.

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